About Us

Regional Media is a multi-state media broadcasting company that specializes in helping small to medium sized businesses across the Midwest. Taking care of our community and all that is involved is a wonderful privilege. At Regional Media, we continue to evaluate our service and strive to improve and innovate for our communities we serve and its businesses. In each of these efforts, we have a strong goal placed on simply doing what is right and important to our communities.


It’s that local touch that best serves our local advertising clients. This ever expanding localism has spread across two states and dozens of counties and small towns where our local employees aim not only to help our local advertising clients grow and innovate their message across multiple platforms from radio, digital, and all forms of social media. Our entire staff, from the executive level to the sales department and the programming staff work to forge strong partnerships with our advertising clients and use their localized knowledge to best serve their needs.  Local is the key to all we do at Regional Media it has aided our growth and the growth of our advertising clients. 
Our Mission: As the local voice of the community, we provide excellence in entertainment when it's wanted, trusted information when it's needed, by helping listener’s and readers in need, and business succeed, each and every single day!