Our President

Taking care of our community and all that is involved is a wonderful privilege. At Regional Media, we continue to evaluate our service and strive to improve and innovate for our communities we serve and its businesses.  In each of these efforts, we have a strong goal placed on simply doing what is right and important to our communities.


Our Mission: As the local voice of the community, we provide excellence in entertainment when it's wanted, trusted information when it's needed, by helping listener’s and readers in need, and business succeed, each and every single day!


Mr. Fletcher Ford, our President and CEO is a native of the Midwestern area, born in Peoria, Illinois and growing up most of his life in the Quad Cities.  Fletcher’s first entry into mainstream small business came through the startup of his first business some years ago. Fletcher purchased his first business, a business he was working in, at a very young age and began operating a music store franchise across the state. After a few short years, he grew the business across the state of Iowa and Illinois with more than ten locations and record sales levels. Fletcher however, wanted something else; he began to add wireless phones and accessories to his stores proving that diversification was needed in the ever-changing business world. After realizing that his passion was in technology, he sold his music business and began opening the largest wireless communications business in the Midwestern area. After building more than 25 retail locations, 15 business to business offices, and developing two multi-million dollar companies Fletcher decided it was time to slow down and spend time with his wife Audra, sons Cammeron and Carter, and daughter Ashlyn and sold his business.


A slower paced environment was on the horizon as he operated a Business Brokership, invested in various auto dealerships, and spent his time building his multi-million dollar real estate business, which he still owns and operates today.


Fletcher also took on a challenging project from his longtime friend and business accountant to build a large-scale multi seat call center and sales business for the largest satellite TV installation company in the United States. With his diverse set of skills and experience, this company became one of the top performing sales companies in the country in a few short years. Fletcher aided in recruiting top executive talent to the company to hand the project to once it was complete.


A major turning point in his life was when he became a local broadcaster. Fletcher found a home he will never leave as he is allowed to serve his local communities every day. April 22, 2007 Fletcher joined the Virden Broadcasting Team. In November of 2012, the FCC was notified of the transfer from Randal J. Miller to Fletcher. Fletcher purchased Virden Broadcasting Corp.


Virden Broadcasting Corporation was originally formed by Randal J. Miller, a Shelbyville, IL native, in 1980, to build a new FM radio station in Virden, Illinois, a community of 3500 people in northern Macoupin County.  After 2 years of paperwork at the FCC, the station, WRVI 96.7 FM, went on the air May 10, 1982.


Miller's Virden Broadcasting Corporation owned and operated the station for 10 years, until October 1, 1992, when Miller leased the frequency to Neuhoff Communications of Springfield, IL, which operated the station as WCVS-FM 96.7.  Neuhoff purchased the station's assets in April 1994. Miller kept the corporation. Miller took the proceeds from the WRVI sale, and purchased WKEI (AM)-WJRE (FM) Kewanee, IL, on December 30, 1994.


The stations continued to grow, and on March 30, 2003, WGEN (AM) Geneseo, and WHHK (FM) Galva, were purchased and integrated into WKEI-WJRE at the Kewanee studios.


On May 1, 2003, the stations were re-aligned so that WJRE was moved to 102.5, the Galva channel, and 93.9 FM which had been WJRE, became a brand new easy hits format as WYEC, which stands for "your easy choice."


On April 22, 2007 Fletcher joined the Virden Broadcasting Team and began working with Mr. Miler with the desire and drive to grow the company even further with big plans. The plans were a multimedia company with Radio as the center.


As the company already had a digital site, www.RegionalDailyNews.com it was in the plan to take it to the next level. Offering more news, more sports, and more information for the communities it serves. With local papers dropping days off of their circulation, the community wanted more.


A significant win for Virden In 2007, was the grant of WKEI-AM 1450 becoming the first AM radio station in Illinois, to be simulcast on an FM translator at 104.3 FM


In February 2008, WYEC moved its transmitting antennas enabling the station to cover the Quad Cities with a primary signal.  In June 2008, WYEC established studios and business offices allowing local radio to be reborn in the Quad City Area.


Also in 2008, www.QuadCityDailyNews.com was established covering the areas local news, weather, sports, and lifestyle entertainment for the area.


In May 2014 Fletcher invested close to $300K in upgraded High Definition equipment and facilities. Fletcher and his staff turned on a new radio station, MY102!, and WJRE HD1, both new additions to the Henry county area.


In August of 2015, Fletcher's company, Regional Media aquired stations in Macomb IL, expanding the Regional Media - Virden Broadcasting footprint further south. Regional Media operates a multi state broadcast and Media company serving many Illinois and Iowa counties. We have 11 FM signals, 2 AM signal, 15 websites, and manage the advertising and marketing for over 300 Clients.


The future is continually growing with Virden Broadcasting and Regional Media. Our goal is to grow our company into the Midwest following our Mission. To serve our communities responsibly by informing and entertaining; and impact the local economies we serve using effective marketing strategies for area businesses.