The Annual Country Music Festival in Henry County, The Back Road Music Festival was created when Tyler Glaser, Nik Grafelman, and the President and CEO of Regional Media Fletcher M. Ford came together with a goal of bringing an amazing concert experience to the Tri-Counties! 


The Country Music Festival is a one day ticketed event presented by Hog Country 102.5 WJRE HD and Wiley Park Productions that is designed for the whole family. There is a grand stage located at the Galva Park District, in Galva Illinois.  The event will be loaded with delicious food vendors, refreshing drinks, clothing, crafts, and other fun activities for everyone to enjoy. 


Each event showcases 4 to 5 artists straight from Nashville!  For a list of past and present line ups, click here



With the talent we have for each event it's brings out a large majority of live music fans in the Tri County Area.  With gates opening at 2pm and the concert lasting to 11pm, there is no better way to draw your target markets attention than 9 straight hours of country music festival fun!


For more information, contact The Back Road Music Festival Here